Testimonials from Jilly Cooper

"Your CD’s are absolutely lovely and have given us huge joy on our drives around England, and at home in the kitchen this morning."

"A wonderful sound- huge individuality and variety."

"I think you play quite beautifully with great accuracy and empathy, a lovely sound and huge tingle factor, thank you very, very much."



This is to say how much my friends and I enjoyed the Swineshead concert yesterday.  Absolute perfection. Olive Walker May 2016 

I very much wanted to let you know that we have at least three of your CDs, primarily because my husband and I so admired your playing.  My husband and I actually met you in England some years ago, and since have periodically wrote to you ordering another CD.  The latest was 'Favourite Hymns' which we played every Sunday morning.

I particularly wanted to tell you that when Reg was aware of his demise, from ALS complications he specifically asked me to include "Abide With Me' by John Barker to be played at his service.  This was done as per his request on January 9th.  I thank you for being part of our lives.

Donna Longman
I think everyone was spell-bound by your performance yesterday, all saying how much they had enjoyed it.  I was originally concerned that your 45 minute slot may have been too long but with hindsight, perhaps it wasn't long enough. I personally could have listened to you all afternoon and I'm sure the others felt the same way.
Margaret. Athersley Cares, Barnsley South Yorkshire 

Can I just say what a fantastic job you did at my Grandad's funeral on Wednesday 3rd December. My sister Shelley was adamant that you played during the service and we are so very glad that you did. Your music moved us all and I would recommend you to anyone that would like a touch of speciality to their funeral/wedding or any other event. Thankyou once again. You did a great job. I will definitely be buying you a cappuccino with one sugar next time I see you playing in Buxton :-)

Leanne (Critchlow). X